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Welcome to Back to Bean!

…A place of discovery for you!

So excited that you have found your way here!

 A service designed to help Human Beans rediscover and uncover all that makes them shine! A business driven to inspire people to believe in their ordinary extraordinariness! Using all manner of vehicles from running, to singing, dancing to learning, creating to laughing, reading to thinking! It really is a wonder to Be a Bean and to help others to find their way!

Please click on each appropriate Bean and come and join the Bean Revolution… It’s all about finding Flow, Friendship, laughter and living… Hope, happiness, confidence and courage. It is all about, accepting all that you are and whispering, I am enough to your heart!

Back to Bean

A program designed to add a wealth of skills and understanding to your world. Making you a super charged version of the already brilliant you! Learning that illuminates a different way to travel this life. With hope, self love, acceptance, and fun!


Happy & Wiggly Beans

A wonderful wiggling and warbling group for babies, toddlers and preschoolers. A beautiful way to share love and laughter and a cup of tea.



An after school Running Club for primary aged children If you’re a school, and want to teach wellbeing, inclusivity, humility and joy, using fitness and team work. This one is for you!



A bean designed to fill your soul with sunshine and your heart with self belief! Using music and performance, togetherness and teamwork to promote mental and emotional well being! The best lifter upper there is! In schools and for adults too.



Hula Beans

Hula your way Back to Bean with the wonder of Mel. For children and the Growing Downs a safe and magical place to come alight with laughter, joy, dance and a wiggle or 2!

Bean Blogging

Bean Blogging

When inspired by the world around us,  we can’t help but have a blog… Here you will find the musings behind the Bizzie Bean brand! A world full of thought is a wonderful thing.

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