I may actually steal this blog from my Facebook page… Oops after promising not to witter on to those people who know me.. I forgot and did it anyway!!!

I was ranting.. About schools… About education as a whole!!

Here it is…

I need to get something off my mind… So what better way to do it than here!!  I worry for our children… I worry for all the pressure they are under to get A’s and A*… Levels upon level… To what end!?

What about all those children who can’t get those grades… But can kick box…. Or sew… Or cook… Or sing… Who care about others, who help each other, who give friends a leg up when they are broken!!

What about all the kids that work so so hard but just don’t get the grades…

What about all those skills that are immeasurable but are what make the human race a compassionate breed!!

I wish the world wasn’t so ruled by measurements and competition… But by love and happiness and meaning… “You can’t teach a fish to climb a tree” and who would want to…

I do genuinely think It’s really great for those children that can get those grades…. But what I’m trying to say is the world needs more than academia!! For those children that are not academic… What happens to their sense of self belief and drive if they are always told they are falling short… (By the system)

What happens to the colours they can paint the world… If they lose all sense of worth… Because they haven’t got certificates… I just worry for those children…

I’m a hippy… Life is so short… I just wish everyone was allowed to shine… Whether that be for 11 GCSEs or their beautiful voice, their helpful, kind nature or the fact they can make a room light up with their compassion.


2 thoughts on “Blog Number 2… Not a very inventive title, but a title none the less!”

    1. That is such a wonderful thing to say! Thank you so much!! I will endeavour to put pen to paper and keep on writing! Hopefully see you soon x

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