ThespBeans for the “Growing Downs!” (Adults!!)

A place where adults come together to sing, dance, perform and laugh! Whilst improving mental wellbeing, confidence and life satisfaction!!

Currently resting and revitalising after the awesome Back to Bean The Musical. The group is led and inspired by the amazingly talented Louise Viner and the confident boosting, smile inspirer, Lizzie Skinner

What to expect? Laughter and music, belonging and excitement…. Evenings that will fill your boots with self belief and your heart with happy!!

Someone recently said….. You want to live in a musical, they are right!!! I want to create a world that is full of colour….. Where my dreams can awaken the dreams of those around me!! 

Each show is subject to a fee variable as depends on the duration of the plan.

Any questions get in touch

Herewith a snippet of the magic! 🙂