Currently ThespBeans operates as an after school club at Hatherop Primary School and Ampney Crucis Primary School

We would happily come and light up your hall ways with songs and laughter too…

A typical session involves vocal warm ups, belting out show tunes and a little boogie. It’s all about the joy…. and filling life with a little magic!

We love nothing more than seeing the children, eyes closed, lost in the words of an uplifting number! Boosting confidence and learning the art of lifting each other in a supportive environment, free of judgement and measures!

The children benefit so much from the togetherness, the shared experience, the joy of singing and the confidence building found in the performance!

We also run 6 week projects that can run during the school day. Where we design, write and produce a ThespBean production. Which teaches the children creativity, leadership, communication, and being part of the bigger picture as well and promotes a sense of belonging, wellbeing, confidence and efficacy.

If you’d like us to come to your school, add a little more magic to your school day.