I went to see my dear friend today. At 79 her mind is lost to Dementia…. She knows not who I am!

You know what troubled me the most! A part from the loss of a dear friend…. Was the fact I could no longer make her laugh… She has lost the ability to giggle because disease has ruined her mind. How sad is that…? When laughter is the way to a happier life how sad is it that she can’t remember how…

There used to be a time where I could rock up and although our conversation never really made sense. (My conversations have a habit of that!!) Her eyes would still light up when I said hello. Her chortle would still appear. Even though sometimes she was laughing simply because I was. Today… No laughter…. No crinkling of her kind eyes. Her face didn’t light up with joy!

Life. It is so precious, and time the greatest gift of all!

We should spend it as wisely as we would money… Fill the moments with magic and laughter and love! I know we all have “Jobs” that need to be done… Sprinkle them with glitter. How….? It is simple really… Dance to the radio, laugh in the rain, jump in puddles, sing… Spend your time as wisely as you would money. You can’t save time up. You can’t put it away for a rainy day! So spend it every second on moments that count before those moments are no longer yours…

Look after yourself

Look after each other

Love and light

Betty S x

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