Runner Beans, a Bean very close to my heart! Running has seen me through the loss of some of the most important people in my life. Ones who I love and miss each day… It has guided me through a dance with childhood cancer and kept me strong when nothing else could. Taught me that crying and running are 2 things that don’t go hand in hand and that the power of the mind on the body is so much more powerful than you realise!

Runner Beans was born to help share the amazing therapeutic qualities of all that running is! How the exercise fills you with endorphins! How being outside lifts your spirits. Running with the moon more magical than you can know unless you have tried it! How running friends are some of the most honest you will meet! Mainly because it is so hard to play a persona when you are focussing on trying to breathe…. Trying to live!! Each Runner Bean session is planned to make sure we make the most of all of that! And for those who need a little more support. Physically and mentally… We are there, to catch them if they fall!

Whilst being able to do all this, we are also making a little bit of money… Although this is by no means what brings us the most satisfaction… For that is found in the feet of those that didn’t believe they could…. and now they can!!

So every Monday and Saturday we dedicate our time to the “Herd” of Runner Beans… Whatever the weather… Come rain or shine, injury or illness… We are always on the Green, waiting for the gang! This time is time away from our children. Time away from home. Time we won’t ever get back! Dedicated to people we believe in!

Every small business has a family behind its public persona. A family that benefits from the financial side of the business but not so much from the time side!! When we lose faces from the herd or people don’t pay…. We don’t suddenly get that time back with our children! Or recompensed in any way! We don’t have a “Credit Control Beans”! So we lose on both counts!!!

One of the major drawbacks of being self employed and perhaps also be someone who cares a little too much, someone with nothing but an honest heart! Is when we lose faces from the “herd”! They have found new ways to find happy feet, and whilst we love that we have ignited that passion, we feel sad at the rejection and we wonder…

We wonder if we are going wrong somewhere… And then I remind us!!

People change… Their needs and wants alter! Nicky and I just need to keep on, keeping on. at what we are good at. Which is people. We see running as a way to build communities, develop friendships, help mental well being, self belief and a sense of belonging. We share our very love of life and how lucky we feel to be able to breathe in such a beautiful part of the world! We aim to inspire the ordinary people of this world to join a “herd” built on love, compassion, support and kindness. Our aim, to help you to be the best you want to be…. Whatever that means to you… Happy feet, happy hearts…? It is the cheapest and most effective therapy I have ever known!!

Our loyalty, our dedication to all of this and to each and every one of the Runner Beans is unfaltering…

My message… People will come, people will go. Don’t ever lose sight of what you believe in! Be authentic to your cause, stay true to the colours of your soul.

Look after yourself, look after each other

Love and light, Lizzie x

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