Life is a lot like a run….. It’s dotted with sunlight, periods of darkness, the occasional up hill struggle and the freedom of the down hill gallop, care free, lungs filled with the joy of living…. 

Some days the run is easy…. And you smile as you go, and sometimes it’s tough.. and you want to climb back in to the safe cocoon of clean sheets and sleep.

This mornings run was tough… and it forever amazes me, how my “Bean Thinking” way of thinking, always, gets me through…. I always take my internal rainbow of hope with me, tucked inside my pocket…. For every run, and for every day I am blessed with life.

So when the run is hard, when each day is tough…

Here’s what I do – 

1. I break each part of the run down, in to achievable chunks, and congratulate myself with a rest and deep breath when I get there!

2. I stop and notice…… The tiny birds eating the blackberries, the rabbits rustling in the hedge, the sunlight filtering through the trees, that have all seen so much of this life! 

3. I notice the darkness and I cherish its company. The coolness of shade reminding me, that although I prefer the sunshine, the shade reminds me how good that sunshine feels

4. I give myself a break. If I want to walk. I do. This life is a marathon, not a sprint, and to be able to rest is a quality I embrace!

5. I enjoy my own company. Allowing myself the joy of believing in all my perfect imperfections. I am not a great runner, but I run. That is enough

6. I know, I will come across pot holes… And although I can avoid a few, sometimes I will fall!! Runs like days, are unpredictable and I must do all I can to make each moment as good as it can be! Whatever that may mean, on that particular day!

7. I spend time looking at the world from the eyes of others…. Noticing the ordinary extraordinariness of the everyday wonder of which we are all blessed.

8. I believe it’s ok to sometimes simply give up… Sit down in the middle of a road and give up…. But know that tomorrow, I will need to lace up those trainers and try again….

9. Mostly, I remind myself to fall in love with life…. And what a blessing it is, that I got to wake up today, with love surrounding me and hope everywhere I look…

Keep falling in love……

Look after you, and each other

Love and light 

Lizzie xx


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