This week the glorious Jane and I got together to discuss the next step withfullsizeoutput_1e59 B3st Foot Forward (pardon the pun!) We have decided, rather excitedly, to take the leap and rename ourselves “Bean Thinking”.
It is genuinely heart warming because all of the Beans are a big part of what make up the B3st Foot Forward Programme. It is all about doing things that make you feel happy, doing things that look after your soul shine! It is about positivity and seeing the light in the darkness! It’s about nurturing the good times and letting the bad ones come.. and letting them go!  It is about developing relationships. Building stronger connections and helping us understand those around us a little better, and indeed them us! It’s about looking inwardly at ourselves and working out what makes us happy, what makes us tick and what we can do to add more sunshine to our worlds…

So this Blog… Not really a blog! More a wooo hooo and a yippety day, a celebration of a new Bean…. One that can really help add a little more understanding and a little more light to this confusing ride called Life!

The rather remarkable Louise Bird has also designed us some new beans…… A Bean that eimage003ncompasses the thought and the power of being you…

I will eventually update the website… But for now… Just being enthusiastic and sharing our news!! So here is to a new step, a new bean, and a world learning about “Bean Thinking” and “Human Beans” becoming even more super!!

Look after each other

Love and light

Betty S x

8 thoughts on “Bean Thinking”

  1. Great name!!! I’ve “bean” thinking and I really reckon you should market your course to men!! I know a few chaps who could benefit from your ideas and mantra in their lives! X

  2. Please do a course for men! We can all get gift vouchers from you for their Christmas pressies!!! Great name, well done Jane and Lizzie xxx

    1. Genuinely would love to!! Perhaps the best way would be via their better halves!! Watch this space… and thanks so much for the support as always xx

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