I am reading so many articles about how modern day is causing women to lose there minds. The demands of work, family, societal expectations and over thinking being too much for women to cope with……

I hear these articles…. I really do!! But there are 2 things I would like to say!!

1. Modern day in this part of the world is putting stress on everyone! Not just women! Men also have the same worries, pressures, demands as we do! I think it would really helpful if instead of these articles widening the gender gap they strived to close it! Let’s work together to help each other work out what matters, what doesn’t! Ultimately we all need to pay the bills…. but we are so lucky that we have choice…… a roof over our heads….. and love….. Don’t lose sight of that….. and let’s not make it a “them and us” scenario!!

2. Modern day also affords us choice….. You can choose what to spend your time on! I think we all get so blindsided by the rush we stop to take a stock check of where we spend our time!! Swept away in the everyday demands….. just take a second…. stop…. think….. work out what we could stop doing, in order to start choosing the parts of our life that matter!

In short –

Let’s be more human…. Male, female, we are all human!

Live within your means. Do you really need a new car? New house? If you’ve already got what you need?

Don’t rush away time chasing dreams that aren’t yours……..

Have courage to change your reality.

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