The Back to Bean Team also deliver one off workshops….

“Bean Me Ups”

Each designed using the same thinking behind the more in depth Back to Bean Program. To remind you and inspire you, to find the confidence and the drive to continue to live your life the best way possible, for you… To still be “Bean”

These sessions work for all. They can of course be tailored to help specific needs, whether that’s certain children, team building exercises, staff wellbeing etc. If you are really keen to help your world to sparkle and shine with warmth and courage and self belief, then give the Back to Bean team a call!

Workshops include –

  • Magic Beans – Using the power of Thinkering to allow children and adults alike to raise their self awareness and make some magic beans of all the things they would like to be to make their reality better! Whilst listening to inspiring teachings of how to have more courage, accept who you are, and stop believing you are not enough! The best superpower of all is Self Belief!
  • The Art of the Bucket – Particularly suited to the older children in years 5, 6, 7 and beyond! How do we manage worry? How can we make it stop? What can we do to help ourselves? A visual and mindful workshop where people will leave with a whole new view on the world, and a means in which to manage their worry. Helps with change and also promotes the art of self care. Teaching reforming, let it go thinking and the just chuck it the bucket way!
  • Happy Maraca – Shake it till you make it! A one off workshop for confidence and managing relationships. How to remove the personal and make decisions based on fact not feeling!! Obviously inspiring you to believe in all that you are, because all that you are is enough!!
  • Runner Beans – Team games and joy in abundance teaching leadership, humility, laughter, and helping each other!! Any age of children, adults….. Its about belonging and helping each other to achieve as well as learning that sport makes you feel good, even if you are a tortoise!
  • ThespBeans – Various musical theatre projects about singing and performing and belonging! Helping individuals to step out of there comfort zone and grow in confidence and self belief!!
  • PreSat Bean me Up – Our Pre-Sats power up for year 6 students is a great way to get the children geared for the exams… As well as armour them with techniques for calming the mind, embracing their power and remembering that they all have ways to be happy…. and not to lose sight of that!
  • Herd Mentality – imagine creating a tribe of Beans. So that together you strive to help and support each other. Through tricky times and in the good times too….

Get 6 of you together. Come to Bean HQ. Rediscover your Va Va Voom together…. Be grounded, rebooted and returned to your worlds, happier, more peaceful and ready for the next leap of faith!

There are many more…. But a conversation so much better so please do get in touch!! We just need to work together to make sure that we are adding the right magic ingredients to make this life a place where happiness, creativity and resilience thrive! Where everyone always give it a whirl. Where failure is acknowledged as a place to find learning. Where all people are confident in their imperfect perfection. Where mindsets are set to “I will give it a go”… Where anxiety, worry and sadness are as small as they can be! 

Get in touch for more info to start the conversation!

To book…. Call 07786 072601 or email
We reserve the right to change/cancel event if we need to!!