I have been inspired to write this blog today…. Mainly out of frustration…. Frustration in how this modern world is shaping our children’s self worth, self esteem, self concept…. As well as sensing that so many of us adults, as humans, have simply lost the art of how to actually live…. Chasing the proverbial dream, which is a dream created by money, built on material reward.

It is so hard to know where to start… But what I do know… Is that being a Bean can sometimes be so exhausting. It leaves me feeling a little blue, a little lost and a little hopeless…. As I continue to swim against the tide of what society is building….

I’ve so many thoughts I can’t even get them in the right place, in my mind… So perhaps I am just gonna go for it….. Hold on!!

Why are we measuring our children at every point of their lives!? From the very day they arrive in this world, miraculous and perfect… Making them feel like they are always falling short! I don’t mean just from an academic sense… but sporting wise, creativity wise, human wise! Why do we have to test every aspect of their worlds? Why are we teaching them that the only success is in winning!? Why do we have to have a certificate to validate our worth? Has education become about making money, not lives?  Sure, if children thrive in that environment then great. But aren’t we even setting those children up for a fall…? When they get to the best universities and then find themselves job less… Why aren’t we trying harder to help them to be at peace with all that they are. To accept that they are enough in the very essence of their contribution to their own existence. In order that they can live a fulfilled and successful life. In line with who they actually are!!? Education should be about inspiring curiosity… Opening the children’s minds to how immense and amazing this life is… That learning makes life more interesting, but not all learning comes from sitting in a classroom…. It comes from each other too. From the stories told by your grandparents, by your parents, by your friends…. From those relationships around you that lift you, and guide you, and believe in your every step.

Why are we allowing the modern world to infiltrate every area of our lives….Social media screaming at us that we aren’t enough. Not thin enough, rich enough, white enough, black enough, young enough, old enough, tall enough, short enough… Not enough, not enough, not enough…. And all because, if we aren’t enough, we will try harder. We will spend more. We will buy the diets, the gym membership, the smart cars, the botox, the posh clothes, the branded shoes, the tutoring, the smart technology…. To prove we are enough, but it is never enough.. Because somebody somewhere is still whispering… You’re not quite there…. Why aren’t we telling our children, they’ve arrived… That they are there. They are enough. Not because we are perfect, or rich, but because that perfection, that wealth, is all predetermined by people trying to sell you stuff. And then….Why won’t those children believe us when we do tell them that they are enough? Because….. The world is still whispering, you need to be more….. How can a single Bean compete with that!?

This modern world, is built to be convenient…. And it’s not only making us despondent, it’s making us ill….. Time after time after time I hear cries of I am tired, I haven’t got time to see them, I need more money…… When death comes and knocks at your door… To take one of your children, your mum, your dad, your grandma…. None of that matters… The only thing we want is more bloody time. More time. Which we’ve already wasted, down the gym instead of walking in the sunshine hand in hand with our loved ones. Time we’ve wasted lost in the “Insta-world” living a life that’s neither real nor connected. We may have a thousand followers… But they don’t hold your hand when you cry, they don’t hold you and love you and keep you believing in the ordinary magic of life itself….

We all need to take a moment. Figure out what really makes us happy, what really makes us feel like the most blessed people in the world, and we need to snatch those choices back, before we are swept away in a tide of soul-less consumerism, fuelled by faceless friends. We need to rebuild community, together. Helpful, accepting, supportive, inclusive community. We need to help each other to help our children as they step into this ever changing, uber confusing, modern reality. Which is, in my eyes, what is undoing us all…. We need to plant just one magic bean and watch as it grows and helps the world around us change shape and colour, and illuminate as the soul-shiners and the music makers and the light bringers are allowed to shine without judgement.

Mental health is at an all time crisis point. There is no money in the system to support those lost in the darkness and the all consuming loneliness caused by anxiety and depression. I’ve recently received phone calls from people terrified by suicide… Who have simply been left to deal with the aftermath. Alone. I mean, what is that?? Where is humankind?  We need to be creating a world where these things are prevented. A world where we have those 5 great friends. (Your Grandad said is all you’ll ever need.) Who will run to you when you’re lost, and light your way back home. Those people who will always turn towards you, no matter what they see! Those people who will bring you home. Back to you.

Just you, perfectly imperfect, human, you.

We need to work together….

To make life, one we choose to live. It is about making the right choices. About being the light. It is about love. It is about being a Bean….. But it needs an army….

Love and light


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