So sorry it has taken me a while to post anything new! It has been half term and that is enough to make my head spin. In a wonderful way but a dizzy one all the same!!

I have, as ever been contemplating the world, the universe and beyond and have decided to put this question to you all…. What is it we are chasing? Is it happiness? Is it contentment? Is it both? Is it neither?

I find it really interesting and equally upsetting that the country is in such a sad state! More and more people on antidepressants, more and more people seeking mental health support and I wonder why that is. According to recent research I have read, depression is more prevalent now than ever before. What has made that happen? What changes have made the world seem a bleaker place to be? On the back of that… isn’t it thought provoking that all of sudden there are “Happiness” industries growing!? Bizzie Beans and B3st Foot Forward both a testament to that. I do have a genuine drive to change the way our society works, how it thinks. A genuine drive to help people see the sun shine both from the skies above and from within.

I wonder if it is the breakdown in communication between families. We have more and more ways to communicate with each other yet there is less and less conversation…. I wonder if perhaps the ritual of washing up should be reinstated. Where a husband and wife, parent and child, close friends, families, would share the chore and share their words too. Perhaps the advent of modern technology instead of creating a brighter future is numbing our very souls.

I wonder if perhaps, we are all chasing an elusive bubble of happiness. A beautiful colourful creation of joy, that whenever we reach it just takes to the skies. Slightly out of reach. Never quite allowing us the satisfaction of success! Although, perhaps, we have just forgotten to look up and notice the view as we chase the dreams! 20150201_163123Perhaps we have missed that every step on that journey bought smiles and laughter and friendships and love, flowers and sunsets and birdsong and joy.

I know that life doesn’t always make us happy. We can’t have control over the stormy weather that sometimes rains on our everydays. It is on these days that I have to remind myself that there is beauty in every day. Every day the promise of a new adventure, every day a gift that someone somewhere never had the chance to open.

Today someone asked if perhaps we should settle for “acceptance”. This in itself felt a little sad. Yes, accept the things we can not change, but without dreams where is the hope?

Look after yourselves, look after each other

Love and light

Betty S




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