Hi, I’m Lizzie!

“Head Bean” and a true believer in finding hobbies to add to your happy! In a world driven by numbers and measurement and social constraints it’s nice to find a world driven by creativity, colour, laughter and energy, which is what all the Beans aspire to be!

With qualifications in teaching happiness, therapeutic mentoring, marketing and joy! I genuinely love all of the Bizzie Beans! I am truly blessed with the work I do and am so excited to be delivering the “Bean Thinking” program and helping others to embrace their inner child and nurture their power. I truly believe that every one of us has the ability to shine! That is what I am striving to achieve, a world where we all shine and light the way for those around us. A world full of compassion and understanding. Communities filled with laughter, hope and love. Friendships and colleagues that raise you up and help you be the best version of you, that you can be!

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Hi, I’m Bean!

As Lizzie’s 4 girls are now at school Bean accompanies her on many of the Bean adventures.

You will mainly find him on Lizzie’s knee bouncing around to various nursery rhymes! Occasionally escapes to the pub to support the Runners and and K’roaky Beans and loves nothing more than a deep meaningful conversation over a good book. Beans motto, much like Lizzies…. “Keep Curious, Keep Shining”

Hi, I’m Jane!

Alongside Lizzie I deliver the Bean Thinking programme. With over 25 years experience working as a management training consultant I am now really excited to be able to use my experience and expertise to develop a programme that really enlightens people and really opens mind to new ways of thinking. As a practitioner in Myers Briggs and SDI, with years of international travel and working with some huge organisations such as Macmillan, Pfizer, Unilever tucked into my pocket. I am now really keen to tailor my skills to the Bean Thinking programme.

I want to help see individuals flourish and grow with all their potential and arm them with new thinking and tools with which to do that. Lizzie says I am the Ying to her Yang, the salt to her pepper, and although different on many levels, we do share a love of laughing, a drive to help people be amazing, a constant curiosity and the love of the occasional tree hug!


Hi, I’m Nicky!

A wonderful TA, mum, wife and friend who sees a giggle in most things!

Runner Beans is a joy to be a part of, not just because of the running but also in the friendships made and laughter shared. Who knew laughing could condition the core!! Always on the move and excited to to be part of Runner Beans. Hoping to make it available for smaller people in the future. Very much a believer in the meditative qualities of running, and how it is so good for your heart and your mind and soul too.

Hi, I’m Louise!

Head of “Bean Creation” at Bizzie Beans. Lizzie and I have known each other a very long time… We are so in tune, we even have children with the same name! I can generally picture Lizzie’s words, and recreate the little Bean characters with ease. I love making them up, I love thinking of new ones and I love being inspired by the colours of the world! You can also find me in my Studio recreating beautiful portraits. That is my “proper” job alongside being a mum. Where I capture the very essence of the people I paint and create beautiful portraits with spirit and soul! Do visit my web site and drop me a line if I can help you with anything!


Hi, I’m Becky!

Experienced Professional freelance tutor and Community artist with a passion for paint, print & colour! I love being a part of Crea8-a-Beans where the emphasis is always on the joy or the journey rather than the end result. We love a little mess… although draw the line at foam shapes!!

I work within local schools and community settings to inspire children and adults alike in their Creative journey. I also run Art Award classes for Home-educating families: practicing what I teach by exhibiting and producing quality work for for sale.

A mum, wife, friend and sister and all round lovely lady, who has an incredible talent not only in creating beautiful art but also in seeing the beauty in every day.

Hi, I’m Melza!

Currently the Bean in Charge of the Happy Branch! Mum to 2 wonderful pixies and wife to a man that can… I am always on a mission to spread sparkles and magic wherever I go. Super happy to have taken the Happy Bean baton from Lizzie, I am committed to keeping the soul shine sparkling for children and families in Gloucestershire. I run all the family sessions of Happy Beans and am keen to take the magic into preschools and nurseries. In a world that is so often serious, I like to remind people that being a bit bonkers is more than ok, and a sure fire way to a happier and brighter life! Get in touch if I can help with anything!

Hi, I’m Lou!

I am the Thesp to Lizzie’s Bean!!  Mum of 2, wife of 1, friend of many! I am  a super talented musician who sings professionally, alongside teaching teaching singing both privately and in schools. Adults and children too. I love singing, I love performing and generally I love life! Even more so now that I am a Bean. I love nothing more than helping people to find their inner shine, help them polish their sparkle and see them come alive when supported by friends and people who believe in their ordinary magic and their perfect imperfections! It is a joy to be a part of Bizzie Beans and I am always happy to help! So if you have any singing needs, or want to join  the merry band of ThespBeans, simply drop me a line!