“What do we know about this life? One thing is certain we will one day leave this life for another… Whether that be an everlasting sleep or something more ethereal, who knows. But, we will, one day cease to breathe, cease to exist, cease to be…
Lots of people say that I am morbid to think about death as much as I do. I mean, I don’t think about it all the time, not sure I could keep so sunny if I did. But I do remind myself of the finality of it all… Why?
To remind me to live…. We talk about the start of life, new babies, new beginnings, all that hope wrapped up in love and sleepsuits! We talk about the end of life, so sad and so desperate, wishing we had loved more than we did…. And yet that mass of time in between!! We seem to care so little about that. As soon as we are conscious enough to think for ourselves, we leap onto that treadmill, one created by society and just paddle away…. On Auto pilot from day to day… Going through the motions of life, but not actually living….
So thats why, I remind myself that I, and all those people around me will one day die. It is a truly heart breaking thought… But you know, it reminds me to live!
It reminds me to get up and throw open the curtains and breathe in each new day. It reminds me to jump in the puddles and feel the cold water seep through my socks. It reminds me to seek out my children hands and their hearts and check in with them. It reminds me to live my life in line with what I truly value, which is love, laughter, kindness, friendships and sunshine. It reminds me to smile, to connect with all those people around me. It reminds me to love with all my heart and to speak of that love. It reminds me to be authentic to my very soul.It reminds me to live my life with love in my heart, not fear. It reminds me to see the good in those around me. It reminds to be conscious of all the moments of happiness, of laughter, that flow in and out of each day. It reminds me, even in my bleakest moments, that I am here. It reminds me that I am, all I am and that is more than enough. It reminds me that my age, my dress size, my IQ are just numbers. It reminds me that I have choices, I can make my own path, choose my own direction. It reminds me to have courage. It reminds me to release myself from the burden of what other people may think. It reminds me to speak my truths and create deep and real connections with those people around me that light me up. It reminds me how bloody lucky I am to wake each morning, surrounded by an abundance of beauty and love. It reminds me, that I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else. But here, living in this moment…”
Thought I would share, and remind you too…
Look after yourselves, look after each other
Lizzie xx

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