Where shall I begin today!? I think… It is with this…

“In the shallowest of pools you see the deepest reflection.”

I sound like some bobbin batty bean saying things like that! But here is what I mean…

Sometimes, we are so busy trying to see what is wrong with our worlds we spend days, hours, weeks, searching for what is off kilter. Trying to find what or who is to blame for such a heavy heart. Is it my husband, my job, my children, my friends? Is it the house, the alloys on the car, the cat poo on the lawn? Is it the fact that life is so busy that I don’t have time to draw breath, and I find that all so confusing, so suffocating and so so horrid as my life becomes a whirlwind of moments I can’t remember!?

Then I get it. I catch sight of myself in a shop window, in the mirror, in the puddles after the storm. I realise there is nothing wrong with my world. Nothing the matter with the people who live in that world with me! It is not the cat poo on the lawn or the chipped alloy wheels on the car… It is just me… The sadness and sorrow I see in my eyes are the reflection of the clouds that have gathered in my soul. Clouds that I inadvertently allowed to keep accumulating! I have to give myself a slap with the proverbial wet fish… And remind myself…That I am so lucky! Not because of the things that I have, but because of the love that I have! I am so lucky… To share singing and laughter and thinking and running and stories and friendships and books with so many people in my life. I am so lucky… That I have so many light givers in my world. Who energise my very being! I am so lucky… quite frankly to still draw breath, to still rise with the new day.

Why do I say all of this? Because sometimes I think we are so confused about why we feel so sad… What we actually need to do is look inwardly. Not at the world around us, as that just keeps on giving opportunities and reasons to smile. But at our own minds, our own thoughts, our own internal weather system. Sometimes, it simply hasn’t had enough sunshine. You’ve forgotten to fill yourself up with light! We need to realise when those moments are upon us and instead of shutting the door and drawing the curtains and muttering “why me?” We need to pull up those socks, straighten that crown, hear the songs promised on the wind and the whispers of the moonlight, get back up from the edge of that cliff, and stride with purpose and hope into the new day!

Lets start tomorrow!

Happy New Year Human Beans!
Love and Light

Betty S x

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