Happy Beans is a beautiful music and movement group for preschoolers, babies and their families. Each session is about sharing laughter, love, giggles and “songshine”! It is about making friends, finding a place to have fun.

Wiggly Beans is for the slightly older little Bean. The emphasis here is on play and laughter, togetherness and leaping about!

Parenting can be a daunting task and both Wiggly Beans and Happy Beans bring Beaning to families to makes that task less lonesome and filled with more sunshine! Ultimately helping you find your way Back to Bean!! Easy to get lost under nappies and laundry, sleepless nights and bogeys!

Happy Beans – We spend 20ish minutes singing songs, using finger plays then percussion playing. We bounce on knees and clap and wiggle, we humpty dumpty and smile and giggle! This is followed by 10 minutes of leaping around the room, zooming like a rockets, bouncing like bunnies and doing the Hokey Cokey (because that’s what life’s about!) We occasionally gallop… Thats just for the grown ups!! We wind the session down with lots of beautiful bubbles.

Wiggly Beans – Much the same as Happy but the songs are replaced with traditional games, that are so often forgotten about now we have apps! Grandmothers Footsteps, Duck Duck Goose… Each game all about the inclusivity, inspiring children to be courageous  and most of all the have fun! Their grown ups too.

Every session is full of energy, full of songs and games from the traditional to the made up! It’s a quirky, dynamic group with the emphasis being on everyone enjoying themselves! To finish and to refuel, we have a cuppa, a cookie, glass of squash, and we catch up with friends!

Run by the energetic Magic Melza, who sprinkles glitter wherever she goes!

Classes run term time only. Currently on a Friday am

Any queries, questions email Mel. melza@backtobean.co.uk