The Happy Bean Party!! Currently not Running – Blooming COVID

In short it is a 45 minute session of songs and music and percussion playing and dancing and leaping and laughing and joy! Suitable for birthdays, christenings, weddings or just because!

Each party specifically designed with all your favourite songs in mind. To make sure the party girl or boy has the most fun! It is a parent participation event, we don’t come to entertain we come to facilitate! To get everyone involved in the fun and get everyone singing a long. If you are looking for an affordable party for the smallest loves of your lives, than a Happy Bean Party is that!!

Each party ends with bubbles and stickers… And anything else you may need, like a “Happy Birthday” song.

The party costs £60.

Get in touch as soon as possible with dates… We do have a pretty full diary with all the other Beans too!