Happy Beans has taken its model of music into pre-schools and nurseries.

We work closely with each nursery setting in order for us to provide the best for you. To share songs and wiggles, and the more exuberant leaping in your setting safely and full of fun!

The sessions can be tailored to fit with any theme that you may be working with. For example colour, space, number, animals etc.

We do support your teaching but also emphasise the importance of Happy Beans being about “Happy Hearts” about the children losing themselves in the music and smiling there way through a rendition of The Little Green Frog”. Its about confidence, joy, and learning how to listen, how to help and how to take life a little less seriously.

We feel what we do is so important in this academic climate… To keep the music going, to keep the joy of living alive!

A little reference from Fairford PreSchool:

“Lizzie is super-enthusiastic with everything she does with our pre-schoolers! She varies the tempo of the songs, uses different instruments and volumes and expects and gets, respect, and the children listen and follow instruction. It is a fun filled activity that inspires the staff in their own sessions. We used our EYPP funding for the children who lacked skills in listening and attention. Lizzie’s visits are always eagerly anticipated and the children are reluctant to let her go at the end!”

So, if you think your setting could benefit from a little “Soulshine” bought to you by the magic of music… Drop us a line as lets make a plan…