How do we talk to our teenagers about life, love, exams and friendship…!?

It is so tricky to negotiate sometimes…. Too much pressure, not enough….. Too much freedom, why aren’t they out???

It’s got me thinking…. Of course…. About many things. But mainly, how can we keep our teenagers safe, happy, confident and willing to try!!!

Here’s what I’ve come up with…. although…. if anyone has any better ideas share away! We could all use a map!!!!

1. Love ourselves first – not in a, I am doing what I want way… But in a, I know I am not perfect, but it’s all I have!!! So love it, I will. What better way to help our youngsters love their faces, their bodies, the colours of their soul, then showing how much we love ours!!

2. Tell them, they are enough – it’s important for our children to try there best! But whether that’s as an a grade student or an e grade student, if they can at least try…. Work ethic is a wonderful thing!!

I totally believe that “I can” is more powerful than “IQ” but, the system needs numbers…. and numbers help open different doors!! So, we must inspire them to do their best, in whatever shape that comes!!

3. Show our children – to be compassionate! We have all made mistakes! As a teenager more than I care to recall!! But, if we can help our children be compassionate to those around them, it will help everyone grow to be confident and self assured!!! Help your children, light the world, and with it those people who they share their world.

4. Help our children – to see that happiness is found in the moments that light them up…. Whatever that may be!! Each of us tuned to a different melody, and that is ok!!

5. Teach our children – that we are all different but share the same emotions! Let’s help them see the value in lifting each other up! Not knocking each other down!!

6. Let them know – they have a voice. Each tiny whisper, just needs to be heard! Water their confidence, like flowers in the springtime…..

I don’t know what all the answers are…. all I know!! Is the way the world is right now…. is making our children’s hearts hurt, souls shrink and self belief crumble and surely we need to help them find a way to shine!!

Look after yourself, look after each other

All love, Lizzie x

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