Should we be treating our children differently just because they are boys and girls? Or should we be saying the same thing to them all irrespective of gender….. I am inclined to think, that our children, whatever their gender….. Should be treated the same in terms of their mental well being, in how they feel….

I genuinely don’t believe we should be making sweeping statements about boys and girls per se….. Oh girls are so emotional and boys so capable of dealing with fall out!! I genuinely believe that we should be treating each child as an individual…. irrespective of their gender. The fact that male suicide accounts for 3/4 of all UK suicides….. Perhaps an indication that our boys need more emotional support? Need a louder voice? Need someone to hear them!!?

Our children are all so different…. There are girls who are quietly contained, who still need a hand to hold, boys who cry and feel ashamed to do so…. There are girls who share each tiny heart ache and boys who anger to protect their hearts….. I don’t think we should say that boys cope so much better with disappointment than girls….. I worry that by doing that we are closing our boys down, so that in later life they can’t find the words, or even the way to say it to help their weary hearts…..

I genuinely feel for the men and boys who are told to man up, be brave, be strong….. As, being sad is not a weakness, to feel broken not something to be ashamed of!! Men have as much emotional feeling as women, but they have a smaller voice, a narrower network, and less chance to share that side of their soul, time better spent in the office! 

Would having more open conversations about all this help us all as we go through life?? 

We need to be more accepting as a generation of everybody’s emotions…. Whoever that person is….. Humans are so lucky to be able to think and to feel and to live emotionally, it’s what sets us a part from carrots!!!

As ever, my thoughts and thinking, are simply that….. Grateful I am not carrot and perhaps in sharing my view on the world, we can open conversations to help make life less lonely. Treat each other with compassion and acceptance, with open minds and generous souls, as fellow human “Beans” who are all just doing the best we can.

Look after yourself, look after each other

Love and light

Lizzie x

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