I love spending time talking about life with people I care about! There’s so much to share and it is so nice to do it!! A morning of such, has just taken place! And as always has inspired me to put fingers to screen and add my thoughts to the ether!! The irony of sharing it on social media always making me smile!! Because I always tell people to get off the damn thing!!!! 😂

So here we go……

When did we all get so obsessed with doing and so anti being!???? What is it about our world that is constantly telling us we need more stuff and we need to be doing more with our time!!? It really hit home yesterday, when someone said to me “you’re always so busy!!” It was a massive wake up call because that is not my intention! I don’t want to be busy!! To sparkle, to fizz and to light, yes…. But busy means the balance is all wrong!!

But of course…. that is how our society has become structured! It’s the wonder of the smart phone! I can work, connect, shop on the hoof, whilst simultaneously be the best mum in the world! Never missing a school event, but actually never really being there because my mind is just checking out the shopping, my heart just checking on that friend I love, my soul sad because I am not actually focusing on the topic at hand!

I read somewhere about how the modern mind is like a computer logged on to a million websites! All these tabs open, the hard drive whirring, the search engine rushing to find the answer to all the thousand things that need to get done and a song coming from somewhere, we neither like nor recognise!!!! It’s a craziness that is not good for our souls. It’s a speed we can’t keep up with, and that coupled with our below par body shapes, awful relationships and meagre belongings (all based on our comparisons with our Instagram world!) is leaving us failing…… 

I mean what are we doing to ourselves????? This frantic way of living is stealing love in the rush, losing our minds in the melee, smothering our souls as there’s never an ending always a need!

So I stopped time. I sat with the cat in the sun read a book. I had a sleep, ate a sandwich. Shut down the PC. I logged off…… and started to just be…….

Just be one thing at a time

Just be me

Just rest

Just read

Just love 

Just smile

Just notice 

Just be……

You are enough you know!! We are not an iPhone, but a human Bean, we can’t process like a computer, because we need sleep, love, connection, safety…. and sometimes just to be is simply all there needs to be!

Look after you

Look after each other

And love xxxx

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