You know what it’s like when I have a meeting of minds with someone I don’t know! I feel compelled to write those words down and share how they resonate with my soul….

I often talk about time and how we should spend it as wisely as money….. We don’t know when that time is going to run out, we don’t know where our full stop is!! But I do know that sometimes time passes slowly and sometimes it whizzes!!!!

But today…. it’s this I want to think about!

The hours pass by so slowly when the night is dark and your tiny little baby won’t sleep…. the clock seems to hover at 3am and yet…. 7 am creeps up with a scare!! Out your rise from the chair, broken by the night, tears in your eyes and heart aching with the responsibility of it all, questioning whether you can actually be a parent!

Now as my children are older….. I wonder where those hours went! Because those hours that took so long to pass, have all of a sudden turned into years and I can’t understand how they have passed by so fast……. I can’t remember enough of the love… the first steps, the first words, the cuddles in the nighttime, those sticky little hands reaching for mine….

I guess what I am trying to say…. is this

I know that parenting is tough at times, sleepless nights, lost identity, changed bodies, relationships, worlds!!! But….. it doesn’t last forever! When we are lost under the washing, barely able to breathe as the weight of the world sits on our shoulders, we think that being a parent is for always, when actually…. we only have our children for a finite period of time. Before they spread their wings and fly towards their own dreams, relationships and lives….. 18 summers, 18 christmases, 18 birthdays.

I know I will always be a mum, but these precious years when you share each and every day with your children!! Are so few…

Cherish them as babies, be patient with toddlers, nurture their spirit as children, gently guide them as teenagers and let them go as adults…. Enjoy, cherish and delight in each and every moment! Whether it’s tears or laughter…. because all too soon, those bags will be packed, those memories tucked away and that bedroom silent…..

Look after each other
Look after you

Love and light
Lizzie x

2 thoughts on “Long hours, short years….”

  1. This just made me shed a little tear. True words lovely lady. Keep shining your light and spreading love. The world is a better place just having you in it x x x x

    1. Thank you!! It is so easy sometimes to lose sight of that light…. people like you remind me how important it is to keep believing in all that is good with this world! All love to you all xxx

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