It has “Bean” a while since Blog-O-Clock… The summer holidays limiting my time in front of a screen. Time which I spent living my life with my girls… While frantically writing little notes to remind myself of the titles I have for various blogs that ping into my mind… There may be an onslaught in the coming weeks as those words wind themselves together into pictures of my thinking, my thoughts, my beliefs… Please feel free to share…
So here goes for the recent wanderings of my mind.
“I sat with my dear friend. She has just turned 80. Her mind lost to the dementia that has stolen her memories and mixed up her speech. She is not the lady I knew. The lady who travelled the world, who helped deliver hundreds of babies. A lady who helped me with mine…. A lady who shared tea and biscuits with me alongside stories of her childhood. Of her travels, of her youth. She is no longer the lady wearing sparkling earrings, who’s eyes lit up as she chortled at my nonsense…
She is still the lady I love…
The last time I saw her she was lost inside herself. She could barely look at me or speak or smile or notice. The disease inside her brain along with the cacophony of drugs had hidden her spirit… Yesterday when I saw her, she still had no language, her eyes were still a little lost. But do you know… For the first time in a long time she smiled, she laughed, she placed her beautiful old hands upon my cheek and she loved… Her eyes meeting mine, she loved. She felt the emotion of friendship and kindness and caring and joy. And just for a minute she placed her hands upon my face and she loved. Both of us shedding the tiniest of tears.
Details of the last few weeks, I do not know but the one significant change is that she has made a friend in the nursing home. After searching down the corridors for her, I found them sat together. Hands touching. Silently snoozing. The other lady utterly compelled to take care of my dear friend. Checking she was warm, smiling at her incoherent stories. Sharing the time. Sharing friendship. Sharing love.
I always say how love is my religion and kindness my king… What better advert for the cause. A lady who 2 months ago was utterly lost, is rejuvenated by the love and kindness and touch of another.
What does this mean…? What I am trying to say…? It is just a gentle nudge, a heart aching reminder, of how love can heal… How kindness can nurse and friendships add glitter to the colours in your soul…
Make time for them all…”
Look after yourselves, look after each other
Love and light
Lizzie x

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