I read an article recently, weirdly not in The Guardian, but the Telegraph!! About how schools are now going to implement a new measurement….. A measure of Happiness and Resilience. I welcome these changes as much as the next parent! We all strive for our children to have a happy and safe life. Particularly when they are at school!! But what I wonder…. Is…..How on earth they are going to measure this… and why?

To answer the first point…. We are all different!! Every one of us. Even if we have all walked the same road, the same path, shared the same experiences, wearing the same boots! We are still, all, fundamentally different!! My idea of 10/10 happiness will be totally different from yours. We are all shaped by our own lives and our own minds. We all have different thoughts and feelings attached to what happiness is, and what it means to us. So how can we possibly measure it!? It may give us some sort of guidance… but can it really? Happiness, a little like pain, is subjective.

Secondly, we all fluctuate during the day, don’t we? Monday mornings for example probably have a happiness rating of 3!! But by Tuesday evening I’m very definitely a 9!! Life happens every day… Happiness is not a constant state. It is more a roller coaster ride! One that goes up and down based on experiences. Minute after minute, hour after hour, day after day, week after week! Each experience lifting us, dropping us, making us weep, making us whoop!! All the while we hold on tight hoping not to fall off and get into negative numbers…. So how are we going to measure that?? Physiological and emotional changes in teenagers a sure fire way of disrupting those figures as their minds are so changeable and so effected by their worlds…. Perhaps, if anything, the Government needs to be looking at contentment? A far deeper seated sense of well being……

My second question…. Why? It makes my heart ache that every aspect of school life has to be monitored and placed in some table just to please a box ticking autocrat somewhere deep in Westminster. I am not saying that I don’t think Happiness is important. I truly do… But to use it as a measure of a schools brilliance is simply bonkers….. The brilliance of any school lies in the children that leave the school every night and believe in themselves. A school that embraces emotional intelligence and nurtures compassion. Surely the measure of a good school is watching the children that feel they’ve done badly, get up and dust themselves down…. And get on to the next challenge! Surely a measure of a good school is the mindset of the children being we can do it, and if we can’t do it brilliantly we will just give it a good go….

Betty's BlogAll this a measure of contentment. If your bubble of contentment is always near full, then your outlook on life, your ability to recover from sad days, your mindset, will always be set to “I can”

Look after you, look after each other

Love and light

Betty S

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