I have been sorting out all the bits and bobs we have accumulated over 14 years of being a family.

4 children later… and a lifetime of love…. I find it hard to get rid of the stuff. To give those teddies, once so loved by pudgy little fingers, away… The memories attached to each toy, taking me back to a different time.

But we don’t need them anymore and we can pass those things on. To people who do. To charities that can take them and make them into possibility for others….

The process is some what painful, some what enlightening.

All this stuff, all those pennies we have spent and all that time we have poured into working to be able to buy it. You can’t get that time back. All those days that seemed so exhausting at the time. You can’t rewind. Those pudgy little fingers, now reaching for new experiences, not so pudgy and thankfully less sticky. Are reaching for their own stars. But I do miss the little fingers. I miss the ease of fixing toddlers tears.

Equally… I am so excited about each new experience we have yet to share. The whispered secrets. The shared giggles. Those moments when you come home to the safety of the love that is family.

I guess what I am trying to say…. Is the stuff we buy, with the money we earn, doing the job that pays the bills…. The stuff…. Becomes surplus to requirements. The time however never does. We never have enough time. I so wish we could share those moments again and again and again. Wish we could store the memories in a book shelf, in a box under the bed, in the kitchen cupboards, never to be forgotten. That first giggle. Those cuddles in the night time. Reading those first books. The first sight of the ocean. Feel of the sand.

Cherish those moments. Live them. Breathe them in to your soul. You can’t buy time back.

Look after yourself. Look after each other.

Love and light

Betty S

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