Nicky and Lizzie are very aware that starting running can be a daunting task. To this day can recall when they joined a “Running Club” and although at the top of their game at the time… Were left alone to run in the dark!!

Runner Beans – is nothing like that! We want to promote running as a wonderful way to keep living. It helps life in all manner of speaking. From mental and physical health to more mindful appreciation of how lucky we are to live in such a safe and beautiful place. As with all the Beans, we promote wellbeing (WellBeaning) alongside joy, compassion, belonging and a place to come and simply be.

With this in mind… We have introduced the BeanSprouts. A get you Running group – From Sofa to Road!!

Next 8 week course starts 2nd of September 2019 – Age 14 and up!

Mondays and Wednedays meeting at 6.30pm, and Saturdays meeting at 8.30am on the Village Green in Quenington!

£10 nonrefundable deposit to secure your spot…. And then £7.50 per week for the duration of the 8 weeks. You can pay up front or week by week. Although you don’t have to come to every session, you do still need to pay and we wholly advise getting to as many as possible!! A motivational WhatsApp group sends reminders of the runs ahead, and to keep you going! Any questions or to book your self in email us