Last night we went for a Runner Bean run. Myself and 5 others donned our trainers and stepped out into the autumnal evening. To put some smiles on our cheeks, some miles into our feet and for me… to take photos! I often take my phone with me to capture the earth as it turns from light to dark, and it has, as it did last night, inspired me!

I was asked many moons ago, what it is that I did for a living…. And I wasn’t sure what the answer was, as what I do is so all over the place!

But I tried to explain what Runner Beans was…. A running club. Yes. A get out and breathe club. Yes. Community based. Yes. A place to bring people together, for friendships to be made, to make life a little lighter…? Yes!! All of those things, but for me it is even more than that!

As the winter draws in and the darkness takes the place of the hot sticky runs where my hair becomes huge and we eat the occasional fly. The runs become a metaphor for life itself. I know many people will think I am actually bonkers for saying such a thing! But it resonates with me!

We all step into the night. In to the darkness not sure where the road will lead us, not sure what we will encounter along the way! There may be the odd pot hole to trip over, the odd cow to make us jump! Sometimes the hills seem unbearable, the top so far away and sometimes we rise to meet them with barely a whimper! And is that not what this life is? Day after day we step in to the unknown. As every day, although a gift, is not promised nor planned! We know not, that there may be a pot hole to fall over, a lost job, a lost pet, a broken arm! We are never sure when those hills will be tougher to climb…… How big is the challenge? How hard will it be?? We may have the best shoes, the sleekest jacket, the most intelligent running watch….It makes no difference as none of us know what is out there! None of us can see it!

Most runs, are uneventful, just a few miles, some giggles and an adventure to share! But some runs, like some days…. Feel like they will break your spirit…. I can’t run anymore. I can’t get up that hill. I can’t do it. I won’t… And you stop, and it is then, that the lights from those people around you, reach out. Head torches on, they turn, and scoop you up! Gently whisper you can do it.. and if you can’t, then I will walk beside you! Together we will get there…

What does this all mean? In a world full of darkness, be that light. Whether you are a glow all the time kind of person, or a gentle dancing flame… Be the moonlight to light the night. Help the lost find there way and the lonely, feel the warmth of the sunbeams.

And… you know, if your light has gone out, and you can’t see the way. It is ok to ask for someone to hold your hand… To get you back on to your feet, dust you down and gently push you on.

Every step into the night. Is like a step into our days. The future can be planned, but not predicted….

Look after you and look after each other…… Love and light, Betty xx

The last rays of the day…

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