Delivering the Back to Bean ethos to the academic world is such an exciting opportunity. So far 100 percent of course attendees have said they would recommend the program to other schools!!

We also, run WellBeing courses at Bean H.Q for small groups of primary aged children!

image003We have a whole school workshop called “Back to Bean” which is suited to all age groups. Due to the simplicity of the design of the program. It introduces children and adults alike to the art of self compassion and well beaning! It’s so hard to explain what it does but in essence it makes everyone happier, more courageous, laugh a lot and accept we are all different. It’s the power of being your own best friend!!!! Included here is the feedback of why every one needs the Back to Bean learning!

Introduction – The Feedback!

Having delivered the Back to Bean Workshop to several schools and organsiations, where I met both children and adults. I now have some feedback/data to help me promote what I do! I’ve included all the relevant info here…

Please do get in touch and help us to help the world wake up to their ordinary wonder, their perfect imperfections! To have courage, laugh more, keep mentally safe/strong and to live better!

The Numbers

Mental Wellbeing Measures –

Every criteria that we measured scored 90% and above! These topics included resilience, mindfulness and hope. Each of the remaining criteria scored 100%…. Meaning that the workshop covered the topics so well, that it hit the nail on the head! How do we do that? By sharing useful hints, tips, tricks and thinking coupled with information, science, models of behaviour and a sprinkling of Bean Magic!

  • Wellbeing
  • Self-Belief
  • Positivity
  • Courage
  • Self-Care
  • Optimistic Thinking
  • Happiness

Would you Recommend the Back to Bean Program to Other Organisations?

100% of the workshop attendees said they would recommend the Back to Bean Program to others!!! 100%!! That’s not bad!

Here is the Why???
  1. So much to take from the session
  2. I attended the session with reception children, each child was listened to and given the chance to talk. No idea of what they suggested made them happy was dismissed. A GREAT session enjoyed by ALL! We now have slogans on our mirrors daily to give the children hope, encouragement and faith. Thank you, Lizzie and her fabulous team.
  3. A great session. Very impressed. Thank you!
  4. Excellent advice for life and for living.
  5. The program worked on a complete age range of brownies 7 – 10 years and everyone joined in, got involved and giggled a lot. All the girls loved it going from the wide smiles on their faces.
  6. Great start to our new term. Positive, clear, fun.
  7. Full of energy, lively, bubbly with a fabulous laugh! Could have listened to you for hours!
  8. The children loved it and it fed into the work we are doing on growth mindset. Also, it was fun which cannot be said for all courses Lizzie, and there should always be space for fun in schools!
  9. Lizzie held the attention of and enthused 26 brownies for well over an hour, she reinforced the points/messages of the Back to Bean way, the girls loved the little jar of beans and I am told that we need an evening to make some more. Lizzie is amazing to have enthused and included a group ranging from 7 to 75. We are all Beans!
  10. Because it is engaging and the learning is invaluable.
  11. All the children benefitted and came out of the session with strategies to use for their own wellbeing. Adults too!
  12. Fantastic for a whole school activity for our wellbeing week.
  13. Everyone needs to be shown how to love themselves!
  14. An opportunity to refocus on self-belief!
  15. Spoke to every pupil on their level. All inclusive. Supportive and creative parental involvement. Fabulous!
  16. Lizzies passion reminds us why we became teachers and what we really want for our young people.
  17. Another approach for our children to empower themselves. This could help them throughout their lives if they learn to do it now!
  18. Because it presents the “crack on even when it’s tough” idea in a compassionate way that the children can get on board with!
  19. Lizzie finds a fun way to help give the children the ability to believe in themselves and value that everyone is different. She helps give them strategies to work with when they find things tricky and to believe in themselves.
  20. Really important to believe in yourself! I loved how it was explained that for every one bad thing, think of 5 positives.

If you could sum up the day in one sentence, what would you say?

  • Empowering, funny, inspiring and motivational.
  • The energy in the room was buzzing – all very positive, full of wellbeing, affirming.
  • Uplifting bright and pure fun with laughter.
  • Positive, feel good and everyone loved the dancing.
  • Being a Bean is so important to help with the trials of everyday life, no matter how old or young you are.
  • An injection of energy and fun inspiring children to believe in themselves and support each other.
  • Surprisingly sunny, funny and inspiring for everyone!
  • I’m a Bean!!!!
  • An opportunity to reflect, revitalize, and reinvigorate your inner self.
  • Enthusiastic fun.
  • Excellent positive approach to life’s difficulties. Energy a plus 5!!
  • I am happy with being me, I am a Bean! 
  • A great child orientated introduction to positive thinking.
  • Energetic, thought-provoking and inspiring.
  • Empowering me to see the best in my life.
  • Lots of info delivered in a fun way, lots of laughter and came away feeling positive and uplifted. Thank you.

Forward Thinking

As with all programs, we don’t always get it spot on, although, from the feedback you can see we are nearly there! We have of course taken on suggestions of how to make the program better. These have included –

  • Adapting the Back to Bean story so it reaches all ages. Especially the younger ones.
  • Making sure that we reinforce the key messages.
  • Follow up sessions to remind all, the importance of making your way Back to Bean.

So, is this for you, your work place, school, group, club?

Quite simply, if you are human and aged between 4 and 400….. Then yes! In a world where we are measured, critiqued and shaped to fit societies expectations, we all need to learn the art of well-beaning. We all need to come home to self-acceptance, self-celebration, self-validation, wrapped up in compassionate communities.

Let’s talk, and start that journey, together, Back to Bean!

Please get in touch…. Email or call Lizzie 07786 072601and we can light up the system with more than just achievement!