It has “Bean” a while since blog o clock… The journey of a family adventure consuming my time, but all in a wonderful way! Not only did I get to share the world and all its quirks with my favourite 4, I also had time to read…. Herewith what thought that inspired. It is all very “Bean Thinking” applicable.

Our thoughts are malleable. If we change the way we think in certain situations it opens up our emotions and our behaviours to a new dawn! We can retrain our brain to respond in a positive way, flooding our system with feel good rather than anger. We can open our eyes to new sights and develop a deeper more connected way to live. To see the world with broader vision.

For example…. Your little one knocks over the milk. It’s 8.30am. You’re late. You can feel the anger rising. The irritation prickling your scalp. The growl in the back of your throat…. Let’s get this into perspective! It is spilt milk. That is all. Change your thinking. Take a moment to breathe away the irrational. Remember how small this is… None of it matters. You are all together. Safe, loved, alive… Anger will do nothing more than ruin everyones day. Breathe…. Practice….. Breathe…. Then love! In time…. Love will win…. And mornings will play a different song!

For example…. Take a walk with an elderly friend and your youngest child. A normal walk. A normal day. A walk you’ve walked a thousand times. Now open your eyes! Take time to see the world through the eyes of your family. How your little one picks up every stick and leaf and makes them into “Wood Warriors”. How your friend takes care with each step, knows the names of all the birds, can recite poetry about the changing seasons. In that 30 minute walk, look how much you can learn. About living in the now and curiosity and superheroes, about wisdom and poetry and bird song and love. About what others see looking through the same window. About all the colours of the wind, not just the ones you are attuned to…

Change the way you see things, shift your perspective, if only for a moment. Notice the way the world awakens and your heart with it!

Look after you, look after each other

Love and light

Betty S x

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