You know when its 8am and you are teetering on the edge of “manicness”? Not sure you have enough hands to make lunches, clear up the cat sick and have the words to make sure your children step into the day feeling ok….. And you catch yourself…. When you realise that putting the wrong bagel in the wrong lunch box doesn’t mean you should lose the plot!! You feel your body tensing and your stomach churning and the anger right on the tip of your tongue…. And you catch yourself!! Don’t do it, whispered my heart….. Turning away from the Bagel, head in the dishwasher I found my reason! Right behind the dirty dishes and I chose to laugh! At the utter ridiculousness of the fact that I was so close to losing my cool because of the bagel in the wrong box.

As a result 4 children skipped their way to school, with echoes of I am sorry and I love you in their ears, my day of song began with a happy heart and great hope that they too would have a sunny day!


Life is a funny old game…. I hate the rush that we all prescribe to. The social structure that means we all run on this crazy treadmill…. So I feel very blessed, that today at least, my brain said stop and my heart won the logic!!

Then the day just kept on going, it kept on giving great reasons to be cheerful! Skies so blue, warm sunshine, people waving at each other as they peddled by. A stranger telling me “you’ve got to eat, to get your moneys worth out of the crematorium!!” Singing songs as I pootled my way through my day.

I am, I feel very blessed, that I had time to stop and stare and notice it all, all the tiny little things that make such a big and beautiful picture, and to realise how lucky I am to be alive in such a beautiful part of the world… Safe and loved.


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