I’ve “Bean Thinking” a lot over the past few days about self image… So I thought I would put my fingers on the keyboard and say what’s on my mind….

We are born in to this world naked, cherished and loved. With a spirit full of dreams yet to awaken. With a heart full of unconditional love for ourselves and those around us…. Each passing day our spirits get altered by our experiences. By the images we see, by the value placed on weird things by the world around us… Like being thin, or rich, have a thigh gap….

It saddens me that we allow this to happen!! When did we stop loving those chubby thighs, those dimpled cheeks…? When did we decide that’s not what you should look like, that’s not who you should be….

And so we walk on into adult hood… With a wall around our soul. Hearing all the criticisms, seeing all we “should” be… And we lose sight of all that ordinary magic! That pure spirit born into this world now tucked safely behind a wall. A wall that you don’t let many people climb. Too scary to share the very colours of your soul. Makes you too vulnerable. Too easy to hurt….

I am not sure whether it is my age, or my life experiences… the books I read or songs I get lost in. But for a long time I have lived my life true to my spirit. I love all my perfect imperfections. I embrace my quirky world. I love my very soul. You see…. when death comes knocking, you would want to have lived a life that means something. It doesn’t have to be a life that means something to the world, to society it has to be a life that means something to you. A life that your 8 year old self would’ve wished….

Live your wish. Love your soul. Dance to your melody. Believe in all your perfect imperfections…. Love and be loved! Because ultimately you are you…. You are your own hero! The one who can shape their own future.

Look in to the mirror… and notice how amazing it is to simply have the chance to be here on this earth. Immersed in all its splendour…. Let that inner child’s spirit out to dance and laugh with the wind!!! And be joyful in the very wonder of you!!!!

Lizzie xx

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