Back to Bean is an inspiring and humorous program designed to help  you to live YOUR best life… Young, old, man, woman, it’s not about the labels that define you! It’s about letting those go and coming back to you. The you you were when you were 7, before life told you what you should be….

It is all about waking up the the infinite magic, of whispering this is me, and having the courage to believe you are perfectly imperfect, and using that to fuel your self belief, courage and joy!

We run the group online at the moment for adults. Although 1-1s are available. In school and groups workshops are still available… Just call to make a plan!

The program is a place of learning for children, of how to keep strong, keep going, keep laughing and keep believing in themselves. A place of unlearning for adults, to let go of the labels, to come home to themselves, and learn how to be their very own best friend.

Based on the book, “Back to Bean” written by Lizzie. The program uses art, music, drama, laughter, and creativity to introduce to all what it means to be a Bean. How freeing it is to accept all that you are and fall in love with your perfect imperfections.

The program is designed to fit what you need as a team, organisation, school or group. So whether a gaggles of brilliant Brownies, a charity helping people live with mental ill health or a forward thinking school, work place, college, office… This program can work for you!

Ultimately its about being human…. And falling in love with life and with all that makes you you, all wrapped up in a community who support you and light you up when you feel a little weary!

It helps with all areas of life. Relationships, self care, positivity, hope, resilience and courage! We are totally committed to helping the world, become a brighter, lighter place to live…

“Lizzie is a breath of fresh air and ALWAYS makes you feel good about yourself which is what the Back to Bean program is all about.  Lizzie delivers the program to all ages and engages at every level.

Personally, I believe everyone needs a Lizzie Chief Bean to help them live their best life.” Phillipa Griffin