And so……

The sun has risen on a new day and I won’t lie I feel a little sleepy…. Last night was an epic experience!! An evening with songs and laughter and joy and dance……. whilst raising money for The Fatboys Cancer Charity (over £1000 thanks to you all!!)

Some one asked me, what the ThespBeans were. It’s so multi faceted, But here’s is what my intention was the day I published the first “wanna play!?”

1. I have always dreamed of being in a musical…. and I know from all the work I do as a Bean Thinker that dreams without plans, will remain wishes!! So thanks to Jane, I stopped dreaming, started planning. I made my dream my reality… and truly lived it last night!! I can’t tell you how alive I felt, surrounded and lifted by an awesome cast, audience, family and friends!!

2. I believe that life is about love…. In the end that is all that matters, so to be able to facilitate an evening surrounded by so much of that makes me very happy!! To see faces alight with the joy of it all, makes me very happy!

3. I believe life is about joy, about belonging, and what better way to make that happen than to gather people to gather to sing, to dance and to leap!!

4. I believe life is about light…. to bring light, to share the light, to be the light and to light the darkness for those around us. And so to do that both physically and spiritually makes me so proud to be a part of the Beans!

5. I believe that life is about lifting others…. There is no greater feeling than seeing others shine because of a gentle push towards the spotlight! To help people grow in confidence and happiness is a gift like no other!

6. I believe that life is about paying it forward, to being kind, so by raising so much money for the Fatboys, I know that they will be able to be the light for families who are lost under the darkness of childhood cancer. Their visit illuminated my world, when my heart couldn’t breathe, they made me believe in life again in the simple act of their kindness.

7. I believe that life is about hope….. Always and ever hopeful that each new day will be blessed with love, laughter, music, song, good friends, family, kindness and joy…..

Last nights performance, not so much about the kudos of how amazingly awesome the show was, but about all of the above!! About all I believe being a Bean means…..

Thank you for being a part of that!! And for helping make dreams a reality and lighting this life for others!

Look after yourselves

All love

Lizzie xx ❤️😍🌈⭐️💕💫

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