Is obviously a wonderful Bean designed to use music and performance to lift spirits, light life, promote wellbeing, courage and laughter!

Currently running in primary schools and for the “Growing Down” crowd (adults!!)

We take popular songs and shows, sprinkle them with laughter and perform them with gusto. All the while building our self confidence, our resilience, our self belief! Each session we sing, a lot, getting lost in the music and filling our hearts with soul shine! The benefits of ThespBeans much like all the other Beans are immeasurable! But Bean HQ are always delighted to see everyones faces light up with it all! Both the performers and the audience a like!

If you’d like us to come to your school. We currently run the sessions as an after school facility. Alternatively you can book our 6 week program, where we work alongside the children, to design, build and perform a show. Whislt improving confidence, leadership, creativity, communication, community, belonging and wellbeing!  Get in touch for more info and give us a shout

The adult branch is currently reenergising!!!!!! New dates to be published soon!


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