Not Implants but Thought Transplants⭐️

We need to Make our Way Back to Bean!!

I’ve spent this week surrounded by people who do not have an iota of self-belief!! In fact, I spend quite a lot of my time with people like that! It’s my job!! Mainly these people are older than 23…. The youngsters I meet haven’t quite got there yet, although I see glimpses of self-doubt in children as young as 5!

What I’ve come to notice, is that it doesn’t matter what you look like, what gender you are, how “successful” you are deemed to be……. There is an overwhelming sense of I am never enough!! The most archetypally beautiful woman will walk in to a room, light it up with her smiles. To the consternation and bitterness of others around her!! (What the hell is that even!!) and yet still, she is not enough! In her eyes, she is never enough!!

What the hell are we doing to ourselves to make us believe that way!?

I find it quite easy now to work that out for myself, but pointing others towards that self-acceptance light is both tiring, frustrating and difficult. Having spent decades of their lives whispering to their souls I am not ok…. What will it take to undo the learning!!

I sometimes stand in front of a room of people and say “I love me” not every day for sure, I am human, but most days I do!! People don’t know what to do with that!!? Am I being arrogant? God no, I am being a Bean!! This slightly overweight lady with a wonky grin that lights up a room with her laugh! Knows that this is all I have!! This body, riddled with stretch marks and imperfections is a wonder! It takes me from a to b. Its seen me run 2 marathons, albeit slowly, but most of all this wondrous vessel I inhabit allows me to feel love and warmth and sunshine and laughter!!! What more do I need to feel blessed by!!??

This week alone, I have a friend who has had a hair transplant! A 42-year man. Saddened by the reflection… And yet, baldness is ok! Who said it wasn’t?? The hair transplant companies, the hair regrowth shampoos, the many men in the public eye, who perpetuate the myth that you can stop getting old!!!!

Another gentle soul, who’s replaced missing teeth! Whilst working all hours to pay for them! Please know… I don’t hold it against them. I don’t mind that they make these choices in any way… What I mind is that we are making money out of people insecurities. Making a living out of other people’s pain.

I see the best of people, having boob jobs and Botox and face lifts!! And I do find it heartachingly sad that people can’t look in the mirror and love what they see. You are not a flash car!! You are a safe place that is very much loved and cherished by the people who love and cherish you. The rest of humanity doesn’t matter. You have nothing to prove, just you to love.

The fact of the matter is… We are never going to be perfect!! What does that even mean!!!? It’s a concept realised by the marketing world to sell products and stuff, inspiring you to be the best you there is!! But actually, if your spirit is still weeping with the weight of, I am a fuck up, how on gods earth is that stuff gonna help! It’s not. Its gonna line the pockets of the imperfectly wealthy! Who have already worked out that to make money, first they need to make you feel like shit!

So… You are too fat, too old, too young, too thick, too gay, too stupid, to womanly, too short! You are too white, too black, too bald, too hairy, too rude, too mean, too ashamed, too kind, too happy, too clever. You are too goofy, too funny, too annoying, too childish, too serious, too too too too too too too!!!

Are you?????????

Or are you buying in to the myth, so that you can spend some money on making yourself more of the “too” you are not!

Fact. There is no such thing as a perfect person.

Fact. You are the perfect you there is.

Fact. The biggest rebellion you can have…. Is to look at yourself in the mirror, straighten that metaphorical crown, whisper this is me to your soul and then go and show the world how much you love you, how much you love to be alive. Take those leaps of faith because you can!!! Knowing that love will always help you land!

Don’t hide you anymore….

Because your light, needs to be seen!

Be brave Beans…. Fall in love with you!!!

Make your way Back to Bean! ❤️

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