Just a little one today! As spring is springing around us and April showers are dominating our skies… This is just a gentle reminder to try… To turn off auto pilot and tune in to life.

The way society and history has shaped human existence, mean that we are more and more obliged to run to a schedule. Each moment of our lives pencilled in the diary. We can seek to change the ways of the world, by changing how we respond to it all. Instead of watching our feet race from one obligation to the next. We can stop. Look up. There are other places and other things that in the rush we do not see. Breathe. Notice… Just “be”.

Smile at the neighbour. Stop and smell the flowers. Jump in the puddles. Hug a tree. Notice the birds singing, the sound of laughter on the wind. Be aware of you. How you feel. Your thoughts, your feelings, your dreams. Sing with your eyes closed. Imagine the stage!

Gallop down a hill, like a child ready to take off to the clouds. Arms wide. Heart racing. See, all that you have. All the love, all the friends, all the family. Laugh. Laugh. Laugh some more…. Like an emotional reset button laughter can lighten even the darkest of hours…. Especially when shared with someone you love.

Acknowledge the power of you. You are awesome… Awaken your senses to all that is. Breathe… Fill your lungs with life.

Look after you, look after each other

Love and light

Betty S x

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