I remember being a small child and thinking how bloody old 40 was and yet here I am… Tickling it gently!

Wednesday I celebrate my birthday and it is the big 40. There are bigger birthdays. I hope I get to tickle those too!

So, lots have people have asked… “What you doing?” “How do you feel?” “I can’t believe you’re 40!” Herewith, how turning 40 makes me feel.

I feel blessed. Ultimately. I simply feel blessed.

This is why.

Death does not discriminate. It does not say… When you are 94/78/109 you will die. Death appears at your door. Anytime. Anywhere. Anyone. So I am just blessed, to still be here on this planet. To still wake every morning to the bird song and the sunshine. To wake every morning to the rain! I am blessed to hold my children and whisper I love you. Blessed to be married to someone who knows the colours of my soul. Blessed to be surrounded by friends and relatives who fill my days with words and wisdom and love and laughter.

I do not subscribe to getting old. To getting old making me less of a person. Making me not so beautiful, not so useful. I am still the same person I was when I was 25. Yet with so much more to be thankful for. Perhaps a little wiser…

I will wear my bikini on holiday. I will run with shorts on. I will laugh in the rain. Jump in puddles. I will drink Prosecco and dance on tables! I will laugh with abandonment and believe in love all the more…. I will continue to cherish each moment, continue to make plans… I will always dream of holidays and sunny days and wishes on the wind!

I will also, dye my hair!

Age… It is not something that needs to define you or hold you back. For every year, you are blessed to still be here.
Surrounded by this wonderful thing we call life. Blessed to breathe. I for one am thankful that I am still here. Still believing  in life. So for me, getting old!! I love it! 🙂

Look after you, look after each other

Love and light

Betty S x

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